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Row A16, Kargar Area, Abadan City, Khuzestan Province

Postal Code : 6316784846



Circuit Data Develop Co. (MDG) was registered by a group of university graduates in 2001, aiming to work on the electronic projects in the fields of electronics and telecommunications. This company practices in the field of providing technical and engineering services, electronics - computer and telecommunications, including the maintenance, installation and commissioning of all related installations and systems, selling and purchasing all mentioned components, providing technical services in the field of various automation electronic circuits, installing SCADA systems and installing several telecommunication and computer networks hardware.


  • Troubleshooting the power supply circuits;
  • Repairing switching power supply;
  • Conducting the periodic test of chargers and UPSs;
  • Wiring and cabling telephone MDFs;
  • Installing and repairing 10-amp chargers of SCADA racks;
  • Connecting sockets to the N-type connectors and cabling VHF feeders;
  • Wiring Marshalling Cabinet in RTU racks;
  • Installing and configuring Watson, Zyxel and Patton modems;
  • Testing Barriers in SCADA racks;
  • Installing the mobile radios;
  • Configuring and installing VHF repeaters;
  • Measuring the output and reverse link power of mobile radios and repeaters;
  • Testing and repairing the electronic boards of Motorola and TAIT hand-held mobile radios;

MDG CO.Ltd Circuit Data Develope


  • Repairing

    Repairing switching power supply

  • cabling

    Wiring and cabling telephone MDFs

  • Installing

    configuring Watson, Zyxel

  • Wiring

    Wiring Marshalling Cabinet in RTU racks

  • Installing

    Installing the mobile radios

  • Configuring

    Configuring and installing VHF repeaters

  • repairing

    repairing the electronic boards